Concours History

The Concours d’Elegance has its roots in 17th century France, when the aristocracy would parade their horse-drawn carriages through the parks of Paris. With the advent of the automobile, Concours d’Elegance events evolved into competitions between automobile manufacturers, custom coachbuilders, and owners, whose vehicles were judged on the beauty of their design.

About the Event

Concours South Africa took place at Munyaka Balwin, Waterfall Drive, Midrand on Saturday 4 November and Sunday 5 November 2023. The judging of the cars took place on Sunday morning, followed by the prize-giving ceremony in the afternoon. This year’s judging panel was comprised of experts, both local and international.

An exclusive event in South Africa, Concours South Africa brought together the finest classic, luxury, and sports cars from pre-war vintage to the modern era. The competition was limited to 60 vehicles and was held at Munyaka Balwin, Waterfall Drive, Midrand.

The Concours was not a contest of speed, but of elegance. Automobiles were judged on the quality of presentation, historical accuracy, technical merit, and style—and the best garnered reward and recognition.